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Advanced AI Embedded Systems

NVIDIA Jetson embedded systems are ideal for GPU computing applications at the edge requiring low power consumption and allow you to implement AI and inference solutions with unprecedented capabilities in performance.

The range of NVIDIA Jetson System-on-Modules (SOMs) are available in different form factors, performance levels, and power efficiencies which are broken down into four series; Nano, TX2, Xavier and Orin. All Jetson system-on-modules are supported by the same software stack which enables end users to develop once and deploy everywhere. Each of these NVIDIA Jetson modules can be integrated to a wide range of Development Systems, Carrier Boards and Box PCs designed for industry specific applications.

Things Embedded provide an embedded system design service for NVIDIA Jetson with both custom and off-the-shelf products so you can get to market faster with your embedded AI edge devices. We have systems to suit all industries and can provide long life solutions which prevent system failures caused by environmental factors such as exposure to dust, water ingress, extreme temperatures, variable power, shock and vibration.

Scalable from Development to Edge Deployment

NVIDIA Jetson SOM (System-on-Module)

NVIDIA Jetson SOMs (System-on-Modules)

NVIDIA Jetson Developer Kit

NVIDIA Jetson Developer Kits

NVIDIA Jetson Carrier Boards

NVIDIA Jetson Carrier Boards

Automotive Jetson PCs with GMSL & PoE

NVIDIA Jetson Computers

Level Up with Jetson Orin

Introducing the latest NVIDIA Jetson family member, the Jetson Orin series.

NVIDIA Jetson Orin modules have up to 275 Trillion Operations per Second (TOPS) and 8X the performance of the last generation for multiple concurrent AI inference pipelines, plus high-speed interface support for multiple sensors, making them the ideal solution for a new age of robotics.
Jetson Orin Nano

Orin Nano

NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano series modules deliver up to 40 TOPS of AI performance in the smallest Jetson form-factor, with power options between 5W and 15W. This gives you up to 80X the performance of NVIDIA Jetson Nano and sets the new standard for entry-level Edge AI.

Jetson Orin NX

Orin NX

Experience the world’s most powerful AI computer for autonomous, power-efficient machines in the smallest Jetson form factor. It delivers up to 5X the performance and twice the CUDA cores of the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX, plus high-speed interface support for multiple sensors. With 100 TOPS for multiple concurrent AI inference pipelines, Jetson Orin NX gives you big performance in an amazingly compact package.

Jetson AGX Orin

AGX Orin

Bring your next-gen products to life with the world’s most powerful AI computer for energy-efficient autonomous machines. Up to 8X the performance of the last generation, 275 TOPS for multiple concurrent AI inference pipelines, and high-speed interface support for multiple sensors make this the ideal solution for applications from manufacturing and logistics to retail and healthcare.

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