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Fanless GPU Computer

Fanless GPU Computer Built On A Custom Jetson Carrier Board

Customised to the customer's requirements, we adapted a compact NVIDIA Orin carrier board to include RS-232/422/485 serial control, 3G-SDI video capture, and BSP updates to support a faster time to boot with capabilities for putting the system to sleep or shutting down softly.

Edge AI Gateways Boost Retail Sales

Edge AI Gateways Boost Sales In Retail Stores

Our latest advanced edge AI gateway play a crucial role in bridging the gap between online and physical shopping experiences, helping deliver real-time, relevant solutions that match the customer experiences and needs.

Embedded PC with PoE

Embedded Systems with PoE Enable Smart Parking Efficiency

Our embedded systems with PoE (Power over Ethernet) play a crucial role in smart parking applications by simplifying the deployment and operation of various devices such as cameras, sensors, and displays.

NVIDIA Jetson Edge Computing Enables Safe Human-Robot Collaboration

NVIDIA Jetson Edge Computing Platforms Enable Safe Human-Robot Collaboration

Leveraging the powerful AI capabilities of Jetson Orin NX for next-gen robotics, our NVIDIA Jetson edge computing platforms with built-in GMSL interfaces allow for the prompt detection of potential hazards and immediate response, thereby enhancing safety in automation factories.

Industrial Compact PCs Connect Sensors To Cloud For Smart Farming

Industrial Compact PC Streamlines Data Collection and Provides Remote Monitoring For Farming Industry

Leveraging IIoT with industrial compact PCs and smart sensors enables advanced capabilities and improved efficiency in agricultural practices with remote monitoring capabilities.

Reverse Vending Machine for Recycling Integrates Intel Iris Xe with Deep Learning AI Capabilities

COM Express SBC Utilizes Intel Iris Xe Graphics for Deep Learning AI

COM Express modules featuring Intel Core Tiger Lake CPUs and Iris Xe GPUs enhance recycling capabilities with deep learning AI in reverse vending machines, promoting sustainability and improving the circular economy.

Supermarket Refrigeration Benefit From IIoT

10 Inch HMI Touch Screen Gateway Powers IIoT In Supermarkets

Our 10" HMI Gateways play a vital role in ensuring that food remains safe and fresh for national supermarkets, as well as minimizing energy costs.

Remote Condition Monitoring Across Entire Railway Networks

Rugged Railway Computers Transform Track Inspection with Augmented Railway Corridors

Things Embedded help create a digital twin of the rail network with forward-facing high-resolution video cameras, LiDAR, GNSS, and IMU positioning sensors onboard our rugged railway computers.

NYC Heavy Duty Vehicles Integrate Ruggedized Vehicle Mount Computers

NYC Towing Services Upgrade Fleet with New Ruggedized Vehicle Mount Computers

Ruggedized vehicle mount computers configured with low-power Elkhart Lake Atom x6425E CPUs, GPS & 4G for mobile connectivity, and sunlight-readable displays put an end to inefficient fleet management.

Self-Service Kiosk Computers

Fully Configured Self-Service Kiosk Computers for OEMs

Manufacturers of self-service kiosks count on Things Embedded expertise for a wide range of reliable and repeatable embedded computing and displays meeting application specific criteria for deployment in different environments.

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial IoT Gateways Monitor Manufacturing Machines

Powering Manufacturing 4.0 at the edge our fanless Industrial IoT Gateways collect data from machines for predictive maintenance. This leads to reduced downtime and reduced maintenance costs whilst increasing reliability and equipment efficiency.

Rugged Edge AI Object Tracking

Rugged Edge AI Computer Deployed with Object Tracking Engine

Rugged edge computers integrated with an advanced platform-agnostic software combining visual Artificial Intelligence, sensor fusion and camera platform control increase time-critical system autonomy for Police authorities.