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Embedded Systems with PoE Enable Smart Parking Efficiency

Our embedded systems with PoE (Power over Ethernet) play a crucial role in smart parking applications by simplifying the deployment and operation of various devices such as cameras, sensors, and displays.

In the dynamic landscape of urban development, intelligent parking systems have emerged as a cornerorlando of modern infrastructure, revolutionising the way cities manage and optimize parking spaces. These advanced systems offer a seamless solution to the perennial challenge of urban parking by efficiently guiding users to the nearest available spot. This transformation in parking management extends beyond mere convenience and fundamentally reshapes the urban experience for citizens. Real-time data sharing is accomplished through an integration of user-friendly mobile applications and strategically positioned overhead displays, ensuring that drivers have immediate access to the information they need.

Our embedded systems with PoE (Power over Ethernet) play a crucial role in smart parking applications by simplifying the deployment and operation of various devices such as cameras, sensors, and displays. These compact and efficient embedded PoE computers transmit data and power over a single Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for separate power supplies. This not only reduces wiring complexity and cost but also allows for greater flexibility in placing devices in locations where power outlets are not readily available. In smart parking systems, embedded PCs with PoE process and transmit data from cameras and sensors, which monitor parking space availability, vehicle movements, and other critical information. They also control digital displays that guide drivers to open parking spots or provide other real-time information. The integrated nature of PoE technology with embedded PCs ensures a streamlined and reliable network of devices, essential for the smooth operation of smart parking solutions.

Selected Embedded PoE Computer: NDiS B561-PoE by Nexcom

NDiS B561-PoE

Intel Core Alder Lake PoE Industrial PC

CPU: 12th Gen Alder Lake
Memory: 2x DDR5 4800MHz SO-DIMM Slot, 64GB
OS: Linux, Windows 10

Simplifying Smart Parking Architecture Using An Embedded PC with PoE

The NDiS B561-PoE by Nexcom was selected as the ideal embedded PC with PoE to meet the specific demands of our customer’s smart city parking applications. Its rich I/O and industrial-grade build specifications are particularly tailored to optimize and streamline the management of urban parking spaces. The fanless operation significantly enhances its reliability, especially in outdoor parking environments where the risk of damage and maintenance requirements from dust, dirt, and other particulate matter, common in urban settings, is much greater. Integrated with industrial-grade wide temperature components, the NDiS B561-PoE operates comfortably year-round under various weather conditions.

“The NDiS B561-PoE, provided by Things Embedded, was the perfect upgrade for our parking lots, offering key advantages over older, less capable embedded systems. Its onboard PoE simplified installation and connectivity, while support for multiple high-resolution displays enabled clear parking signage. Equipped with the latest generation Intel Core processor and robust connectivity options, it efficiently handles complex tasks and integrates seamlessly with our IoT devices. Its fanless design and industrial-grade components also give us peace of mind, as we do not have to worry about system failures or regular maintenance.”

At its core, the embedded PoE computer is powered by the 12th Gen Intel Core processor coupled with an Intel UHD Graphics 770 controller. This powerful processing unit is essential for handling complex algorithms and data crucial in managing parking spaces and helps recognise the vehicles’ make, model, and license plate number. The onboard graphics controller ensures that the system can display high-resolution images, which is key for signage and providing real-time parking information. Supporting three independent 4K display outputs, or a single 8K display output, the NDiS B561-PoE proved invaluable in smart parking contexts where large, clear display boards are being used to guide drivers to available parking spots and provide other essential information in real-time.

Connectivity is another vital aspect of the NDiS B561-PoE, especially in a smart parking setting. The inclusion of two PoE LAN ports simplifies the connection of IoT devices such as parking sensors and cameras, allowing for a streamlined installation process as it negates the need for separate power lines. Additionally, the embedded PoE computer supports up to eight USB 3.2 ports and four COM ports, which is ideal for integrating ticketing systems or validation devices within parking areas. Supporting multiple onboard expansion bays, the NDiS B561-PoE could be integrated with Wi-Fi 6E and 5G support, enabling fast and reliable data transmission, a necessity for real-time updates on parking availability and payment processing in remote areas.


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