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Intrinsically Safe HMIs Deployed for Wastewater Management in Hazardous Areas

From potable water processes to waste water treatment and reclamation, Things Embedded have the expertise for success in today’s complex facilities with a wide range of intrinsically safe computing and displays. Water and wastewater treatment facilities have many hazardous gases and chemicals that are both toxic and highly explosive.

Approached by a leading waste water management company, Things Embedded technical sales team was asked to support their requirements for intrinsically safe computers for installation in hazardous areas.

Challenges and Requirements Analysed by the Technical Team at Things Embedded

  • The proposed industrial all-in-one touchscreen computer must be Class 1 Division 2 certified for installation in hazardous areas.
  • The hazardous area HMIs were to be open source based on Intel x86 architecture which is cloud-enabled with wireless and ethernet-based connectivity allowing technicians to monitor and manage the stations remotely.
  • Modern aesthetic with large format high-definition touch display to provide the required resolution for their application software GUI.
  • Installed in cabinets the intrinsically safe HMI was required to be panel mountable.

Hazardous Area HMI Solutions

C1D2 Intrinsically Safe HMIs

C1D2 Intrinsically Safe HMIs

Rugged ATEX Zone 2 HMIs

Rugged ATEX Zone 2 HMIs

Intrinsically Safe HMIs for use in Hazardous Areas

The primary focus for sourcing a suitable HMI was making sure it was intrinsically safe and Winmate’s latest M-Series panel computers were selected as a foundation for a suitable platform. These intrinsically safe HMI solutions have been built and tested to meet safety regulations required by hazardous areas over many years.

In this new range of HMIs, the 23.8″ HMI was selected with it’s large format display. Supporting a full HD 1920×1080 resolution, the W24ITwS-MHA2-EX by Winmate provided the required footprint for their applications GUI, giving them an increase number of pump station controls.

Based on the latest generation Intel Core Tiger Lake CPUs designed for mobile computing the HMIs provide a high level of processing performance with reduced power draw. Designed with a fanless passively cooled chassis with industrial grade components, the hardware ensures the most efficient heat convection for 24/7 operation.

The UL C1D2 HMIs also supports WLAN connectivity which allows the system to transfer real-time data to the management centre, without the need for a hardwired Ethernet LAN connection on site.

The modern sleek design of the hazardous area HMIs features outstanding versatility and easy maintenance. Featuring a true flat display with edge-to-edge design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance with excellent protection from scratches thanks to the glass cover lens. Designed with front IP65 protection against any ingress the HMI provides superior sealing.


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