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Yuan SC720N4 SDVoE-F

4 Channel 10Gig SFP+ SDVoE Decoder with 4:4:4 10 Bits HDR Capture

PCIe Expansion Card

Things Embedded are an official Yuan USA distributor and can supply the SC720N4 SDVoE-F as device supply only, or alternatively can be integrated into an Embedded Box PC of choice, for a turn-key solution.



Key Features

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Equipped with four 10 Gigabit SFP+ ports, the SC720N4 SDVoE-F Capture Card by Yuan ensures seamless connectivity and efficient data transfer. This enables users to effortlessly capture and process video signals with exceptional speed and reliability. The 10 Gigabit SFP+ interface supports high-speed transmission, allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted data flow, even when dealing with large amounts of video data. Say goodbye to latency-related concerns with the SDVoE Capture Card's zero-latency performance. This exceptional feature eliminates any delay in the video capture process, ensuring instantaneous and accurate transmission of the video data. Whether you are dealing with live events or interactive applications, the zero-latency capability of this card guarantees a seamless and responsive user experience.

Experience stunning visual clarity and detail with the SDVoE capture card's remarkable 4K60 4:2:2 10-bit video capture capability. These advanced features on the SC720N4 SDVoE-F enables the capture of ultra-high-definition content at a smooth frame rate of 60 frames per second. With support for 4:2:2 color sampling and 10-bit color depth, the captured video retains its fidelity and richness, ensuring an immersive viewing experience.


Brand & Model Yuan SC720N4 SDVoE-F
4 Channel 10Gig SFP+ SDVoE Decoder with 4:4:4 10 Bits HDR Capture
Video Capture
Host Interface PCIe [x4, Gen2]
Simultaneous Video Inputs 4
Video Input 4x SFP+ (10G)
Video Resolution Input 4K60 [3840×2160p @ 60/50fps]
Video Resolution Output 4K60 [4096x2160p @ 60/50/30/25/24fps]
Color Format RGB24 4:4:4 8Bit
RGB32 4:4:4 8Bit
YUY2 4:2:2 8Bit
YV12 4:2:0 8Bit
Audio Input 1x SDVoE Embedded Audio

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