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Jasper JSP-1185G7E-64G-03A from Diamond Systems is a versatile board that serves as a carrier and single-board computer for Type 6 Basic and Compact modules. It caters to applications that demand durability, extensive I/O, and long-term product usage.

Notable features of Jasper include:

  • Rugged mechanical design with thicker PCB and latching connectors
  • Wide temperature operation – up to -40 to +85C (depending on the installed COM)
  • Built-in 16-bit data acquisition circuit with autocalibration
  • Dual minicard sockets with PCIe and USB interfaces
  • Dual M.2 sockets for flash memory and network connectivity
  • PCIe/104 expansion socket supporting x16 and x1 links

Diamond Systems’ Jasper JSP-1185G7E-64G-03A can be purchased as a standalone carrier board, allowing users to integrate it with their preferred COM. Alternatively, it is offered as a complete package, equipped with an 11th generation Intel Xeon processor COM. Standard operating system support includes both Windows and Linux, with the option for other OS support upon request.

Flexible Design to Fit Any Application

The most popular I/O on Jasper is provided on a single row of connectors along the front edge of the PCB. This arrangement supports dual connection modes. First Jasper can be used with traditional cables, with each cable providing a positive locking feature for increased shock and vibration resistance. Secondly the single row of connectors makes it easy to design and build I/O connector boards that match the end application’s exact requirements. For example a connector board with commercial connectors (RJ-45, USB type A, etc.) or MIL-DTL-38999 rugged circuit connectors can be plugged directly into the Jasper I/O connectors to create a “cable-free” solution. Such a connector board can dramatically reduce assembly time and cost for the end system.

Rugged design

Jasper JSP-1185G7E-64G-03A from Diamond Systems was designed from the ground up with a comprehensive set of features to meet the challenges of rugged environments and applications:

  • The 50% thicker PCB increases rigidity and improves reliability of fine pitch and high-ball-count BGA solder joints
  • Almost all I/O connectors are positive latching (not friction lock) for increased ruggedness
  • A bottom-side heat spreader provides more efficient cooling than a traditional heat sink.
  • All components are rated and/or tested to ensure reliable -40 to +85 o C operation

Thermal Dissipation

Diamond Systems’ Jasper supports installation of the COM and its heat spreader on the bottom side of the carrier. This enables more efficient mounting and heat dissipation, since the COM’s heat is directly coupled to the enclosure body instead of relying on a top-side heat sink to dissipate heat into the air inside. Jasper’s mounting plate surrounds the COM heat spreader to provide mounting stability for the entire board assembly.

I/O Expansion

Jasper JSP-1185G7E-64G-03A includes dual PCIe minicard sockets with both PCIe and USB interfaces, supporting a wide range of I/O and communications/networking modules from Diamond as well as third party vendors. It includes an M.2 E key socket for installation of wifi and other networking modules. The PCIe/104 socket enables use with PCIe/104 Type 1 I/O modules using x1, x4, x8, and x16 PCIe links (depending on the capability of the installed COM) as well as PCIe/104 OneBank modules using the x1 lanes on the first connector bank.

Cable Kit

The Jasper cable kit includes cables for all I/O and features on the board. All cables except for SATA have positive latching feature for resistance to shock and vibration.

COM-based architecture for long life and scalability

A COM-based SBC is a 2-board solution consisting of a Computer-on-Module (COM) that contains the processor and core I/O mounted on a carrier board that provides additional I/O and user connections. The carrier board brings out the I/O from the COM and provides additional I/O derived from the expansion buses provided by the COM, such as PCIE, LPC, SATA, and USB. This 2-board architecture provides significant advantages over traditional single-board computers.

A true SBC with a soldered-on processor provides a compact and economical solution for embedded computing. However it also carries inherent risk compared to a COM-based design: The lifetime and features of the SBC are tied to the processor. Since no two SBCs are truly alike, if the processor reaches end of life or is otherwise unavailable, a redesign effort is required that can be painful as you try to match your existing system requirements to available replacement boards. A COM-based SBC solves this problem by allowing easy replacement of the COM with another one in the exact same size with the exact same features. COMs maintain much more similarity from product to product than SBCs, so replacing a COM is far less likely to present complications than replacing the entire SBC. This enables COM-based products to enjoy much longer lifetimes than traditional SBC designs, with far lower lifecycle extension efforts.

A COM-based solution is also ideal during periods of supply chain uncertainty. If one vendor’s COM is unavailable, it is much easier to select a substitute COM than to replace the entire SBC.

A COM-based design also supports the ability to upgrade the system performance much more easily by simply swapping one COM for another. The rest of the system remains the same as before.

Data Acquisition

Jasper is a member of Diamond’s 2-in-1 series of SBCs with integrated data acquisition. For applications requiring precision analog I/O, a 2-in-1 SBC is an ideal choice because it reduces the number of boards in the system, resulting in a system that is smaller, lighter, lower cost, and easier to assemble and maintain. The features of the Jasper DAQ circuit surpass those found on most other embedded SBCs in both variety and quality, providing a comprehensive, professional quality subsystem backed with top of the line software support. “A” models include the full DAQ circuit with both analog and digital I/O features, while “D” models include only the digital I/O features. (The DAQ circuit on Jasper is identical to the one found on our Saturn SBC.)

The A/D circuit includes 16 single-ended / 8 differential analog input channels with programmable input ranges and a maximum aggregate sampling rate of 250KHz. A built-in programmable counter/timer supports accurate high-speed sampling with precise timing. The 2048-sample FIFO with programmable threshold ensures error-free sampling and enables you to tune the performance of the circuit to minimize interrupt processing overhead.

The D/A circuit consists of 4 16-bit D/A voltage outputs with independently programmable output ranges including 0-10V, +/-10V, 0-5V, and +/-5V. A 2048-sample waveform buffer is included to support arbitrary waveform generator functions on up to 4 channels simultaneously.

The digital I/O circuit consists of GPIO, counter/timers, and pulse-width modulators. The GPIO circuit provides 22 buffered digital I/O lines, consisting of one 8-bit port and 14 1-bit ports. Each port is individually programmable for input or output. The 1-bit direction controllable ports provide better matching of input and output quantities to each application. Jumper configuration enables selection of 5V/3.3V logic levels and pull-up or pull-down resistors on the digital I/O lines.

The 8 32-bit programmable counter/timers feature both up and down counting with clocking selectable from an external digital signal or the on-board 50MHz clock. Counters can be used for generating programmable output frequencies with programmable output pulse widths, counting external events, generating interrupts to the host processor at a programmable rate, and driving A/D sampling at precise frequencies with perfect timing between samples.

The circuit further includes 4 24-bit programmable pulse width modulators also driven by the on-board 50MHz clock. These feature programmable rate, duty cycle, and polarity, with real-time rate and duty cycle update capability.

Software Support

The data acquisition circuit on Jasper is supported by Diamond Systems’ Universal Driver software. This software provides unmatched power and flexibility for embedded data acquisition programming with PC/104 and small form factor I/O boards. It provides flexible C-language programming support for Windows and Linux to control all data acquisition features on Jasper, as well as Diamond’s MiniCard data acquisition modules that can be used with Jasper.

A powerful and convenient graphical control panel provides instant, easy access to all data acquisition features on the board. It can be used for proof of concept, testing, and even system debugging.


Brand & Model Diamond Systems JASPER : JSP-1185G7E-64G-03A
Ruggedized 3.5" Intel Core i7 Military SBC with Data Acquisition
Features Compact
Processor Series 11th Gen Tiger Lake
Processor Models Intel Core i7-1185G7E: 1.8~4.4GHz, 4 Cores, 8 Threads, 12MB Cache, 15W
Intel Core i7-1185GRE: 1.8~4.4GHz, 4 Cores, 8 Threads, 12MB Cache, 15W
Memory 2x DDR4 3200MHz SO-DIMM Slots, 64GB
Operating System Linux
Windows 10
Multi Display Support Dual Display Support
Display Outputs 2x HDMI
Ethernet 2x Ethernet Ports
2 x GbE LAN [Board]
LAN Controllers Intel I210
USB 4x USB Ports
2 x USB 2.0 [Board]
2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 [Board]
Serial 4x Serial Ports
4 x RS232/422/485 [Board]
GPIO GPIO [4-in, 4-out]
M.2 2x M.2 Expansion Slots
1x M.2 E-Key [PCIe x1/USB 2.0] [2230]
1x M.2 M-Key [PCIe x4/SATA] [2280]
mPCIe 2x mPCIe Slots
Wireless Connectivity Optional 4G Modem
Optional 5G Modem
Optional WiFi/Bluetooth
Storage 1x M.2 SSD
2x mSATA
NVMe NVMe SSD Support
Power Input 12V DC
18-36V DC [Terminal Block]
Environmental Conditions
Thermal Dissipation Optional Heat Spreader
Optional Heatsink
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C [-40°F to 185°F]
Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C [-40°F to 185°F]
Humidity 5% - 95% (Non-condensing)
Certification CE
Mechanical Properties
Weight 0.2 Kg (0.44 Lbs)
Dimensions 146mm x 102mm (5.75" x 4.02")

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