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Industrial Computing

Industrial PCs Engineered To Order

A single solution isn’t suitable for every situation. Perhaps you’re installing industrial edge AI systems for autonomous object tracking or require a certified intrinsically safe HMI for operating in hazardous environments. Or maybe you’re dealing with limited space and a compact industrial computer is a must have requirement. However, when your practical circumstances demand an industrial-grade solution, the team here at Things Embedded can assist with both COTS (Commercial Of The Shelf) or custom solutions. Our specialists collaborate with you to define, design, build, and support solutions that perfectly match your requirements. Whether it’s an Industrial PC (IPC) providing high performance, long-term availability, advanced security, or extreme durability with a rugged design, our team of professionals will assist in the design and build of your next industrial computer which is engineered to order.

Industrial Computer Design Services

Energy Efficient Performance

Performance Benchmarking

Our industrial computing design services are comprehensive, starting with a detailed technology analysis and selection. We engage closely with our clients through a rigorous assessment to identify the most fitting hardware and core platform for each specific project. This service includes benchmarking performance for industrial computing applications, a critical aspect for optimising and ensuring the efficiency of these systems.

I/O Port Configuration

Key to our services is configuring I/O to match the scalability and flexibility needs of various applications. This involves integrating custom I/O ports into all our industrial computers. We also focus on the integration of peripheral cards, ensuring compatibility and seamless functionality through rigorous testing. Another aspect of our IPC design process includes the development of custom cable harnesses tailored to meet specific market needs.
Connected WiFi LTE Cellular

Global Edge Connectivity

For industrial edge connectivity, we manage the entire spectrum of SIM card installation, configuration, and management, providing solutions for global cellular connectivity. In preparation for mass production, our team finalises prototype industrial edge computers, ensuring repeatability and consistency across large-scale deployments.
Windows IoT / Professional

Imaging & BIOS Modification

Our customisation extends to BIOS modification, offering personalized splash screens, additional features, and settings to maintain consistency and reliability in computing platforms. In operating system development, we not only install and deploy Linux or Windows systems but also customize the Windows OS to include specialized features.

Custom Branding & Labelling

Further personalisation options include custom I/O labelling and chassis colour modifications, maintaining the manufacturer's serial and nameplate for authenticity. Additionally, our packaging branding extends beyond technical services to include custom OEM product packaging and white label direct delivery, enhancing brand representation.

Rigorous IPC Build & Test Services

Our industrial computing build services encompass a comprehensive range of stages, beginning with production and assembly in our UK antistatic engineering facility, where precision and consistency are paramount. We specialise in imaging and firmware installation, offering in-house services to create a reliable “golden image” for effective system deployment. To ensure hardware and software compatibility, we preload your software, integrating it seamlessly into the system. Our quality assurance includes extensive soak and functional testing, with procedures like full load, burn-in, and software tests to ensure utmost reliability and performance. Additionally, we emphasise transparency through detailed build specification documentation, providing photographic and documentary evidence of each build, highlighting our commitment to quality and client awareness in every aspect of our services.

Backed With Industry-Leading Post-Sales Support

Our post-sales support for industrial computing solutions is comprehensive, ensuring long-term reliability and customer satisfaction. We offer extended warranties of up to 5 years on our entire product range, providing peace of mind throughout the duration of your project. Additionally, our global RMA service facilitates local returns and repairs, significantly reducing the overall cost of ownership. Beyond standard warranties, we provide an after-warranty repair service, ensuring continued support and maintenance for your long-lifetime industrial systems. We also offer lifetime technical support from our support team in the UK, available free of charge for the entire lifespan of your product. Moreover, our proactive lifecycle management includes the handling of end-of-life (EOL) and product change notifications (PCN) for all system components, ensuring seamless transitions and updates throughout the product lifecycle.

Our logistics services are designed to comprehensively support industrial computing projects, offering tailored solutions to optimize efficiency and manage resources effectively. We can serve as an extension of your stock-holding, providing fast call-off or pre-agreed inventory options that facilitate improved cash flow and Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing, all based on specific project Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Additionally, we offer comprehensive inventory management, scanning and tracking all Bill of Materials (BOM) components, with detailed data on system contents, warranty status, and delivery addresses, ensuring smooth operations for ongoing supply.


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