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Military & Aerospace

In the demanding world of Defence & Homeland Security, computing, control, and communications applications face extremely challenging conditions. Selecting and deploying devices and solutions in this sector requires a careful balance of cost, performance, and reliability. Additionally, there’s a need to manage technology lifecycles with confidence, trust, and efficiency. Things Embedded collaborates with OEMs and service companies, leveraging decades of experience and world-leading technology partnerships to provide top-tier solutions in this critical field.

Modular Mission Computers

Our modular mission computers are designed with interchangeable components that can be easily replaced or upgraded as needed. Available with COM Express or NVIDIA Jetson SOM architecture, we can help simplify the customisation process to address your changing mission requirements.

Supporting UK Government & OEM Contractors, Our Rugged MIL-STD Compute Platforms Operate Mission Critical Applications Land, Air & Sea

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