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Equipping AI Medical Carts with Endoscopy Video Capture

Approached by a pioneering medical technology company founded on improving the diagnosis and prognosis for patients with colorectal and gastrointestinal diseases, Things Embedded were asked to support their requirements specialising in endoscopy scoping and biopsy.

Excited to be sharing the vision of a future where easily accessible AI-based techniques can be ubiquitously used to change the trajectory of an industry we supported the project with technology partners in Medical Computing and Video Capture. In result we provided the stringent EN60601-1 certified hardware for patient treatment.

EN60601-1 certified hardware for patient treatment

Medical PC

Medical AI Computers

Equipping Medical Cart Computers with HDMI/SDI Video Capture

The traditional operating rooms are quickly become outdated and are largely unable to meet the needs of modern-day surgical work. Alongside the COVID pandemic, the medical industry continues to accelerate its development in Telemedicine to improve patient care.

Advancements made in edge computing performance and remote connectivity has allowed both hospitals and doctors to welcome the wave of a digital transformation in patient healthcare. Integrating video and audio communication has given rise to more efficient quality of care for healthcare professionals with the construction of an integrated operating room or portable equipment.

Our customers’ project was supported with an edge AI computer aimed at versatile hospital applications. Equipped with a medical grade power supply and certified to the latest medical safety standards, the PC supported 85W Intel Core i9 processors for handling a large number of tasks. Providing HDMI output to the medical cart’s display, the onboard PCIe x16 expansion allowed integration of the chosen HDMI/SDI frame grabber for video input.

Integrating Endoscope Video Capture via HDMI & SDI

Being able to connect to various medical devices in the hospital is essential for medical staff. Both HDMI capture cards and SDI capture cards were initially integrated with the chosen medical PC to interface with a majority of endoscopy outputs. This gave the customer four channels of HDMI input via PCIe and a single channel of SDI input via M.2 expansion with hardware compression.

“Knowing our customer wasn’t requiring all four channels of HDMI input the PCIe video capture card had to offer I recommended a custom solution. This would enable them to have 3 x HDMI and 1 x SDI on a single PCIe card without the requirement for an additional riser. Based on the current market climate with component shortages and rising costs this made sense economically and on delivery schedules also.” Andrew Whitehouse, Managing Director at Things Embedded.

The video capture cards provided 1920×1080 @30fps video output. This enabled them to stream live images directly on the medical monitor whilst allowing the proprietary software interface to enable endoscopic images to be securely stored and shared against patient records via the web.


Working on a Medical Project Requiring EN60601-1 Certified Hardware?

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